Louisiana Calco
Calco News

This issue of the Calco News was Volume XX, No 11 August-September 1969. The man is Oscar Hilding Finance in New Orleans. He is the square dance caller for the Calco Club.

Calco West Delta 30

This is the Calco living quarters for West Delta Block 30 Field. The bridge leads to a production structure.

Calco Helicopter

Sikorsky S55 was used to fly personnel to the offshore locations.

Calco Helicppter

Sikorsky S62 was later used to fly personnel to the offshore locations because of its increased range and load capacity.

Calco Cargo Net

Men being picked up from boats and lifted on to  the structure. Most place you had to swing on a rope from the boat to the structure which was exciting in rough weather.

Calco Engineers

Petroleum Engineers at Calco Venice Base in 1964. Left to right sitting Francis Daigle, Alan W. Fontenot, Gene Spencer, and Bob Grapes. Standing left to right Charles Patterson, Harold Joe Read, Espy Price, Scott Riley, Denny L Smail, I.P. "Buddy" Thomas, Erwin Baudouin, and Ira Bahruth. The man standing in front is Professor Lewis from USL in Lafayette, La who was giving the engineers a refresher course.

Cslvo Herb Brown

 Herb Brown was a Calco Drilling Engineer. He is standing on the Mississippi River levee with the Drilling Rig Maverick in the background. The rig belonging to Zapata Drilling was made by LeTourneau Shipyard. The rig was floated down river from Vicksburg Mississippi to the Chevron Orinite Plant in Belle Chasse, Louisiana to complete the installation of the legs. Because of water depths the completed rig could not be floated under the Mississippi River Bridge in New Orleans. Calco had hired the rig to drill wildcat well in the Gulf of Mexico. The rig was lost during Hurricane Betsy.

Chevron 299

A picture of Main Pass 299 Structure after Hurricane Camille came by 17 August 1969 as a Category 5. Winds of 200 mph and tides of 24 feet occurred as the storm hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The iron draped over the structure is the remains of a Standard Two Well Derrick.


Vermilion 24 Platforms B C & D in the Lafayette Division

Chevron Truxell

Bob Truxell and Rob Christman trying to find some oil offshore Louisiana.

Chevron Wilcox Norrel

Ray Wilcox giving an award to RL Norell. Once a Marine Always a Marine. RL still wore the US Marine hair cut years after mustering out.

Chevron Moreau

Myron J. Moreau hard at work in Lafayette, Louisiana. He was the General Manager.

CRA Cooks

 Chevron Retirees Gumbo Cooks at the Lafayette Louisiana Chevron Gumbo Cook Off for United Way. Left to right are Gene Cole, Georgia Cole, Jimmy Perron, Weeze Perron, Charles Patterson, and Ernie Breaux. Chevron always includes the retirees in their functions.

Chevron Lafayette, Louisiana

Chevron Lafayette Louisiana Gumbo Cook-off that is held every year to raise money for United Way.

Chevron Lafayette Gumbo Cookoff

Chevron Retirees Gumbo Cooks at the Lafayette Louisiana Chevron Gumbo Cook Off for United Way. In front left to right are Jimmy Perron, Weeze Perron, Ernie Breaux,  Charles Patterson. In back left to right Jim Florested, Cassandra Patterson sitting,  James L Mouille in back talking to friends. Chevron always includes the retirees in their functions.

James L Mouille

James L Mouille the CRA Acadiana Chapter President and the Chief Gumbo Cook. In back are Ernie Breaux the past CRA Acadiana Chapter President, Area Gulf Coast Vice President and current President of the CRA. The young girl is Cassandra Patterson who got roped into helping by Ernie and her father Charles Patterson

Calco Reunion

Some very old Calco Hands at a Reunion in 2010. Seated left to right - Jim Prejean, Harvey Dupuy, Bill Decell, Tony Gemani, Doc Belsom, Henry Harrison, Ed Shell. Standing left to right - Archie Cobb,  Red Adams, Tom Willoughby, Al Fruge, Buddy Thomas, Ernie Breaux, Buddy Rodgers, Francis Brown, Bill Brabits, Gene Cole, Jack Cox, Argie Schexnaider, Ronnie Bridges, Dick Gist, Francis Daigle, Hubert Young, Tom Dubose, Don Dodson, Don Claxton, Murphy Hebert, Dudley Hartman, Woody Woodward.

Calco Reunion

1960's Calco Reunion
(Seated L to R) Tom Willoughby, Al Fontenot, Lester Bruno, Carl Ducrow, Tony Germani
(Standing L to R) Gene Cole, Murphy Hebert, Ronnie Bridges, Buddy Rogers, Hubert Young, Ernie Breaux, Enoch Dawkins, Francis Daigle, Ray Mikolajczyk, Don Dodson, Don Claxton, Jim Perron, Bill Brabits, Woody Woodward. See more click here

Calco Reunion 2012

1960's Calco Reunion (February 24, 2012, Petroleum Club, Lafayette, LA)  (Seated L to R) Murphy Hebert, Buddy Rogers, Dudley Hartman, Bill Schell, Woody Woodward, Tony Germani (Standing L to R) Jim Prejean, Gene Cole, Jerry King, Ernie Breaux, Buddy Thomas, Lester Bruno, Ronnie Bridges, Al Fruge, Hubert Young, Bill Cotten, Ray Mikolajczy​k, Wil Lowe, Henry Harrison, Ed Shell, Forest Strickland​, Jack Cox, Bill Brabits, Don Dodson (Not Pictured) Red Adams, Malcolm Huval, Jim Perron. More

Calco Reunion Lafayette, Louisiana

1960's Calco Reunion  February 2, 2014 at the  Petroleum Club, Lafayette, LA  Front Row L to R:  Carl Ducrow, Francis Daigle, Ernie Breaux, Dudley Hartman, John Harlan, Murphy Hebert, Bill Brabits, Buddy Rogers, Tony Germani.  Back Row L to R:  Francis Brown, Ronnie Bridges, Ed Shell, Jack Cox, Jim Prejean, Enoch Dawkins, Hubert Young, Don Dodson, James Odom, Jerry King, Al Fruge, Ernie Dugas.  Not Pictured:  Red Adams, Henry Harrison More Pictures