Pictures For June Bahrain National Oil Company
Sherlock and Mahura

Don Mahura congratulating Steve Sherlock on 15  years of service. Don Marhura was from Canada and was the General Manager of Production and Exploration for Bapco. Steve Sherlock was the Manager of Drilling.  Steve was from Ohio. Steve died a few years later of cancer.

Shabib and Mahura Ali Shabib Superintendent of Field Services accepting an award for 20 years service with Bapco.
Bapco Awards Awards Luncheon at the Awali Bapco Club. Left to right in back Mohammad Ali Reza,  not sure, Jimmy Murray, Rudy DeJung, Bill Kibble, Charles Patterson, Steve Sherlock, not sure, Jalil Samahaji, Dick Mary. Cant remember the names of the first row.
Merry and Lincoln Dick Merry and Tom Lincoln testing a Khuff Gas Well in Bahrain. Dick Merry was the Chief Engineer and Tom Lincoln was Head Production Engineer. Dick died shortly after retiring. Tom Lincoln quit Chevron.
Mahura Abudl Rachman Abdul Rachman giving a speech at an Awards Luncheon at the Bapco Club. He became Manager of Production.
CLP Mohammad Fatahalla Going away party at the Banoco office. Mohammad Fatahalla the General Manager of Banoco congratulating Charles Patterson.
Bahrain Coil Tubing Abdul Rachman in red shirt supervising a coil tubing operation
Bahrain Field Office Bahrain Field Office
Perforating Perforating a Khuff Gas Well
Khuff Gas Well Khuff Gas Well Gas Dehydration Unit.
Bapco Refinery Bahrain Refinery. This refinery was built by Caltex in 1936. Currently owned and operated by the Bahrain National Oil Company.
Awali Golf Course Awali Golf Club House at the Ninth "Brown." The putting surface was sand mixed with oil.
Awali Golf Course Awali Golfers teeing off. Golfers carried a square piece of astro turf to place your ball on when hitting off the fairway.
Zellach Beach Guy Fawkes Night, also known as Bonfire Night, an annual celebration held on the evening of 5 November by the British at Bapco Beach.
Bahrain Hornung and Kibble Pauline Hornug, Bill Kibble and Gil Hornug. Gil Hornug was a Development Geologist on loan to Bahrain National Oil Company from Chevron. Bill Kibble went to work for Bapco after WW II. He was getting ready to retire to Cumbria in Northern  England.
Margaret Kibble and Dick Stephens Margaret Kibble and Dick Stephen. Margaret came to Bahrain in 1938 with her father. When the war started they sent her back to Scotland. It took her around a year to get there. She had to stay in Cairo, Egypt due to hostilities. Dick Stephens was a Senior Production Engineer on loan to Bahrain National Oil Compay by Chevron.
Nichols and Yvonne Yvonne Patterson, Phil Nichols and Pat Nichols. Phil Nichols was Drilling Manager on loan to the Bahrain National Oil Company by Chevron.
Caltex George Trumbull George Trumbull Assistant to President of Caltex Bahrain.
Russ Trackwell Greeting Queen Elizabeth Russ Trackwell with his wife Ruth are welcoming Queen Elizabeth to Bapco. Russ Trackwell was the President of Bapco. He retired from Caltex a few years later and moved to Puget Sound.
Awali Club Bill Kibble Awali Field Superintendent on the left and Paul R. Seligman Senior Petroleum Engineer and his family dining at the Awali Bapco Club Dining Room. Paul was an Engineer from Chevron and Bill Kibble was a Bapco employee.
Awali Computer Center Walter O. Stoltz President of Bahrain Petroleum Company at the opening of the Awali Computer Center in May 1979. I believe that the man at the keyboard is Hussain Mirza.
Bapco Club Leigh D. "Joe" Josephson President of Bahrain Petroleum Company dedicating the Awali Bapco Club in April 1962. Can't identify any of the other people. The US Navy Admiral is in the back.
Bahrain First Well Ed Skinner a Socal Geologist atop Jebel Al Dukhan over looking the first well drilled in Bahrain in 1932
Caltex The first two people to arrive in Bahrain were Geologist Fred Davies and General Superintendent of the Foriegn Division of Standard Oil of California William F.  Taylor.