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Caltex Pacific Indonesia


Larry Barthol surveying  a road through the Sumatran jungle in 1978 for Caltex Pacific Indonesia. His group was responsible for building the roads, facilities and drilling locations. Larry Barthol was from Chevron.


Raymond Kenton McCullough Senior Drilling Supervisor, on the right, for Caltex Pacific Indonesia watching the rigging up operation of Rig 300 with Frank Summers, Division Managers for Loffland Brothers Drilling, and Jonnie L. Aubrey, Senior Rig Superintendent for Loffland Brothers Drilling. I think that Raymond Kenton McCullough was from Chevron.


Ernie E. Evans Senior Drilling Supervisor, on the right, for Caltex Pacific Indonesia talking with Loffland Brothers Drilling supervisors. The Loffland employees are left to right Ken Younger Senior Rig Superintendent and Thamrin Agus Rig Superintendent. I think that Ernie Evans was from Texaco.

Caltex Helirig

Caltex Helicopter Rig Operation. Loffland supplied the rig and Bristow supplied the helicopters.


C.J. McGinnis Superintendent of Exploration and Geology for Caltex Pacific Indonesia. His group was responsible for all exploration and geologic matters. He was from Chevron.


Lloyd G. Austin, Managing Director of Caltex Pacific Indonesia, in the back and Julius Tjahia, Chairman of the Board of Caltex Pacific Indonesia on the right. They are attending the dedication of Agricultural Development Center a project sponsored by Caltex by the Governor of Rial Province Arifin Achmad. Lloyd Austin was from Texaco.


This is a picture of the type rig used to drill for core samples in Indonesia before World War II. The men are geologist Richard Hooper and driller C.C. "Dutch" Dorsey. Richard Hooper was sent to Dutch East Indies in 1938. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor he packed up an left to join the US Army. Most of his time was spent in Southeast Asia area during the war. He had heard about the Japanese discovering oil in Minas. He asked the Japanese for the logs and samples that he sent to Standard of California for analysis. He would later become Vice President of American Overseas Petroleum, a 50-50 venture with Texaco and Chevron.


Richard Hooper and Toru Oki in Tokyo in September 1975. This was the first time that the two had met. Hopper is showing Oki the log of Minas No 1 which Oki prepared during World War II. Toru Oki later worked for Japan Petroleum Exploration Company. He was a managing director for Japex Indonesia Ltd. when he made a visit to the Minas Well No 1 in 1975.


Charlie Rossman at party in Rumbai. At this time he was General Manager for Caltex Pacific Indonesia. Before he had been the Superintendent of Minas and Duri. He was from Texaco

Caltex Duri

Caltex Duri Camp Activity. Two women on motor bike going to play golf. Driving is Dotty Steele the wife of Burkley Steele Assistant Superintendent of PG&T and Betty Roses the wife of Price Rose Superintendent of PG & T. They both worked in Louisiana for Chevron. 1977

Caltex Rumbai

Ina Robins at the recently opened Rumbai Beauty Shop in 1977. She was the wife of Ted Robins a Supervisor of Exploration. They were from Canada with Chevron.

Caltex Rumbai

Caltex Rumbai Camp. Bill Wycherley is teaching Sharon Harmon how to paint. Bill Wycherley was Chief Geophysicist. Sharon's husband was Senior Mechanical Engineer Mike Harmon

Odd Couple in Rumbai Caltex Pacific Indonesia

Caltex Pacific Indonesia Employees production of the play of the ODD COUPLE. The next four pictures are the cast rehearsing in Rumbai

Al Salake, Walt Coleman, Ted Simmons, Virgil Rogge CPI

Caltex Pacific Indonesia production of the play of the ODD COUPLE. Left to right Al Salaki, Walt Coleman, Ted Simmons and Virgil Rogge. Directors were Barney and Donna Treadway.

Ted Simmons, Walt Coleman, and Bill Gold

Ted Simmons, Walt Coleman, and Bill Gold. Ted Simmons was with Texaco, Walt Coleman and Bill Gold were with Chevron.  

Lou Marino Bill Gold

Lou Marino and Bill Gold. Lou Marino was a Caltex and Bill Gold was a Chevron Geologist.

Sandra Pratt Bill Gold Marian Rogge

Left to right Sandra Pratt Bill Gold Marian Rogge. Sandra Pratt was the wife of Dr. Pratt and Marian Rogge was the wife of Virgil Rogge.

Birt and Alieen Batson

Birt and Alieen Batson. They were from Texaco Operations in Oklahoma. He came over to Caltex Indonesia as a Drilling Foreman in Duri. Later he moved to Minas as the Outside Area Superintendent. This was new areas being developed in the Minas area.

Caltex Rumbai

CPI Tech Meeting with partners and Amoseas
Left to right - Jerry King, Marly J. Dupre, Gordon L. Parks, Not sure, Bahaki Hakim, Charles Patterson. Lumiacha Purbodiningrat, Chuck Klimowicz, Gene Matthews,
Not Sure, Frank Oefflein. 25 January 1979

Hendro Winarso Atosudiro Caltex Pacific Indonesia

Hendro Winarso Atosudiro Caltex Pacific Indonesia Senior Production Engineer in Minas. May 1977

Adnan H. Tisnabudi CPI

Adnan H. Tisnabudi Caltex Pacific Indonesia Senior Project Leader Computer Services.

Soemarman at Rig 300 Indonesia

Soemarman at Rig 300 on the left. He was a Senior Drilling Engineer at the time circa 1973. Cant remember the other man.

R.H. Martin Party

Farwell party for Amoseas Indonesia Inc President and Mrs R.H. Martin and the new President M.A. Martinez. Left to right Martinez, Martin, and Julius Tahija 1979. Martin was Texaco and Martinez was Chevron

Caltex Pacific Indonesia Golf Team

Caltex Pacific Indonesia Golf Team. The tall man in back row is Judd Hoyt and the man on the right end is Dean Goff. The others are not identifyed.

Frank Robin and James Gunther near a  tanker

Frank Robin and James Gunther near a tanker. Frank was from Chevron and James was from Texaco. Frank came to Caltex Pacific Indonesia as Manager of Production and Drilling replacing Bill Harrington. He became the Managing Director.

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