Company Camps Legacy Companies
Credits for the pictures Click Ondas del Lago
Mene GrandeOffice Early Mene Grande Office Building
Mene Grande San Tome Mene Grande San Tome Camp in Venezuela
Mene Grande Rig Al Frothingham  Mene Grande Rig with Al Frothingham on the right and his son Bud on the left. Man in center is not known. Somewhere on Lake Maracaibo Venezuela
Marge & Al Frothingham at our M.G.O. house Marge & Al Frothingham at our Mene Grande Company house across the street from the Club
Mene Grande Car Marge Frothingham - & Nurse Wilma in Venezuela
Mene Grande Camp 1936 Picture of the Mene Grande Camp in 1936 from Skid Frothingham
Mene Grande Oil Company Mene Grande Oil Company
Richmond Exploration Camp Richmond Exploration Camp in Venezuela in 1946. This company was owned by Standard Oil of California
Richmond Exploration Camp for Air View of the Richmond Exploration Camp from the air.
Richmond Exploration L.U. Gourley L.U. Gourley by his house in the Richmond Exploration Camp. He was the Personnel Manager from 1946-48. He then transferred to Caltex in Indonesia.
Richmond Exploration Leta Gourley   Leta Gourley, wife of L.U. Gourley relaxing at pool ca 1946-1948
Richmond Exploration Ann Gourley Ann Gourley September 1946 drinking a Coke at the Creole Club or the Vella Visa Club. Picture taken on Wednesday afternoon after school when she would go to the Creole Cluv for cheeseburgers and a swim and later attend the movie.
She donated the Richmond Exploration pictures.
Creole Pool Picture of the pool at Creole Oil Company Camp. Apparently it was a gathering place for children from other company camps.
The movie that people enjoyed in Venezuela.
Richmond Exploration L.U. Gourle House Street-level view of the Gourley home, Casa 11, at the Richmond Exploration Camp, circa 1946-1948
Texaco Airplane A Texaco PBY Sea Plane being used to transport supplies to Pedernales. Picture belongs to Houston Floyd.
Mene Grande Camp Shari Norsworthy and Steve Sleightholm enjoying the Mene Grane Camp Pool
Cigarette Smugglers Before Fair Trade Laws people that wanted to smoke American Cigarettes would utilize smugglers. Cigarettes would be smuggled in from Aruba.
Mene Grande Commissary Commissary for Mene Grande Company employees
Mene Grande Housing Staff Housing in Mene Grande
Mene Grande Hospital Hospital at Mene Grande
Mene Grande Building in Caracus Mene Grande Headquarters in Caracus Venezuela
Mene Grande Lagunillas Lagunnillas Camp down the coast from the main base. Town was not much but camp had the usual amenities.
Mene Grande Refinery Mene Grande Refinery was located at Puerto la Cruz about 105 miles north of San Tome. This was the major port for Gulf Oil to ship products and to receive supplies.
Mene Grande Lagunlas Mene Grande Lagunilla Hospital in the foreground and the camp in the background
Texaco Venezuelan Campo Mata Circa 1960 Texaco Venezuela Campo Mata Circa 1960. Picture from Thomas F. Crawford
Aguaro1955copy_3Fishing  Roblecito Venezuela  Texaco Operated Petmer  Circa 1955   Thomas F Aguaro Fishing Roblecito Venezuela Texaco Operated Petmer Field Circa 1955 Thomas F Crawford standing by Permer pickup truck.
CampoMataCirca1957I climbed the water tower and took this picture Circa 1957 web Campo Mata Circa1957 I climbed the water tower and took this picture. Picture from Thomas F. Crawford