Ninian Field North Sea
Greg Matiuk

Greg Matiuk, General Manager of Ninian Field in front of Ninian House. June 1990. Greg retired from Chevron in May 2003 as Executive Vice President, Administrative and Corporate Services.

Ninian House

Ninian House Crawpeel Road, Altens in Aberdeen Scotland. The building was dedicated by Princess Alexandra in June 1981.

Ninian House Construction

Ninian House being constructed

Ninian Central

Ninian Central in the British Sector of the North Sea.

Ninian Southern

Ninian Southern in British Sector of the North Sea.

Ninian Northern

Ninian Southern in British Sector of the North Sea.

Ninian Field Helicopter

Helicopter use in the Ninian Field to transport personell around the three platforms.

Ninian Helicopter Landing

Bristow was contracted to transport people from the beach to the field in Sikorsky S61

Ninian Travel

We chose to minimize flying time over water by flying fixed wing aircraft to Unst in the Shetlands and then a helicopter to the Ninian. A lot of the companies would fly from Dyce Airport in Aberdeen to the offshore locations. Our marine operations were out of the Port of Aberdeen to Ninian a 20 hour trip.

Boat in North Sea

The North Sea is not as calm as the pictures above show.

North Sea Rig

This picture of the Borgila Dolphin shows just how rought the water can get in the North Sea.

Ninian Pipe Line

The Piper Viking was utilized to lay the pipe lines from Ninian to the oil terminal at Sullom Voe in the Shetland Islands.

Ninian Sullom Voe

Sullom Voe Terminal in the Shetlands. Oil came in from Brent and Ninian Field. British Petroleum was the operator of the terminal. All companies using the terminal had an intrest in the consortium.


Not every thing in the Shetland Island worked for British Petroleum. These Puffins were rather cute.

Ninian Production Dept

Production Department Ninian Field. Left to right is Dave Clark Maintenance Superintendent, Ali McCray Operationr and Environmental Coordinatior, Don Carmichael Platform Manager, George Berry Transportation and Warehouse Manager, and Alan Higgins Production Manager.

Ninian PE Dept

Ninian Petroleum Engineering Department. Left to right Bob Elder Senior Reservoir Engineer, Brian Smith Staff Reservoir Engineer, Charles Patterson Manager Petroleum Engineering, Chris Strang Staff Production Engineer, Stewart Ahmed Reservoir Engineer

Ninian Drilling Department

Ninian Drilling Department. Left to right is Graham Norrie Staff Drilling Engineer, Kent Springer Drilling Superintendent, John Lofton Drilling Manager, Ray Stawalsk Drilling Engineer, and Adrian Eunson Drilling Engineer.

Ninian General Engineer

General Engineering Department. Left to right John Gabert General Engineering Manager, Bill Cochrane Lead Chemical and Process Engineer, Roger Banks Design and Construction Supervisor, John Smith Underwater Engineering Supervisor

Ninian Karen Livingston

Karen Livingston working in Drilling on Central. She was hired as a Petroleum Engineer. She was from Glascow, Scotland.

Ninian Don Walters

Don Walters going away party at the conference room in Ninian House. John Gabert making a speech about Don.

Ninian at Skein Dhu

Don Walters chose to wear a kilt on his last day. The person on the right is Stan Harbor Staff Chemical Engineer.  Group having a last drink at the Skein Dhu.

Ninian Bob Elder

Bob Elder with son and wife at the Crathes Castle 1988. My memory will not allow me to come up with the name of Bob's wife. He married her in the UK.

Ninian People

Chevron Employees that attended the presentation by Greg Matiuk to the Scotland Trust.

Ninian Graham Norrie

Graham Norrie and child at Crathes Castle

Ninian Crathes Castle

Crathes Castle outside Aberdeen Scotland was one of the Community Projects that Chevron UK sponsered.

Charlie Lantrip Charles Lantrip General Manager Operations Aberdeen Scotland
Charles Smith Charles Smith President of Chevron United Kingdom
Don McFann Don McFann Chief Engineer London
Ted Robins Ted Robins Managing Director, Ireland
Ian Campbell Ian Campbell Manager Development Geology London
Steve Levy Steve Levy Manager Geophysics London
Owen Schooler Owen Schooler Manager Denmark Exploration London
Luigi Caflisch Luigi Caflisch Deputy Managing Director Chevron Exploration North Sea Limited London
Jim Kistler Jim Kistler Managing Director Chevron Exploration North Sea Limited London
Tom Hindman Tom Hindman Manager Joint Venture and Economics London
Kent Potter Kent Potter Manager Finance London
Barry Freeman Barry Freeman Manager of Human Resources
Jack Froggatt Jack Froggatt Manager Land and Legal
Malcolm Patterson Malcolm Patterson Manager Computer Services
Greg Martin Greg Martin Organization Advisor