Pictures for October 2011

Companies that Helped Build Chevron

Halliburton Model T


Halliburton Cementer on location probably in the 1920's

Mud Engineer

A mud engineer on locaton in California testing the properties of the drilling fluids. Probably Baroid.

Baroid Mud Testing

Baroid Mud Engineers Car

Schlumberger Kern River 1933

Schlumberger crew at Kern River in 1933 running an Electric Log.


Schlumberger truck on location

Seismic Rig

Seismic Rig

Western Company

Western Company rigged up on location

National Supply Company

National Supply Company store

Directional Driller

Directional Driller orienting tool before going in the hole.


Many trucking companies were used in the oil field. This one is moving a gear assembly


Supply stores like Homco supplied a lot of the things used to keep the oil patch running.

Bit Salesman

The bit salesman was a common site of the rigs. Reed, Hughes, Smith, Christsen and Phipps were some of the companies that supplied drilling bit.

Drilling Crews

Drilling Contractor were used to supply use with the rigs and the crews to drill. To name a few Noble, Rowan, Sedco, Zapata, Odeco, Marlin, and many other.

Waukesha engine in the background were a prime mover that was used extensively in the oil field.

Logging Tool

Wireling companies and survey tools were used to measure various thing in the oil field. This is probably a Totco used to measure the dirction and angle of the well.

Ajax Motors

A lot of these Ajax Iron Works two stroke single cylinder engines were used and are still being uses. They were very rugged and ran off casing head gas. These low speed oilfield motors, which have no valves, will run on natural gas or propane of just about any quality.  Most were made since 1946.