Air Craft Legacy Companies
Texaco One

 Texaco created an Aviation Department in 1927. Shortly after they ordered their first plane known as Texaco One. The custom built Ford Trimotor NC3443 was delivered in February, 1928.  Frank Hawks was hired to fly the plane and put on shows around the county to sell aviation products. The plane crashed in December 1928 in Floresville, Florida

Texaco Trimotor Airplane

Texaco being refueled somewhere along the San Francisco to Chicago Mail Route. The Ford Trimotor was known at the "Tin Goose"

Standard Oil of California

Standard Oil of California purchased a 1927 Ford Trimotor airplane in 1928 and named it Standard No. 1. This plane became the company flagship and logged 200000 miles and transported 30000 people to show airplane uses to business.

Standard Oil of California No 1

Standard Oil of California 1927 Ford Trimotor airplane in San Diego California.  

Standard No 1 at San Diego

Planes being fueled with Red Crown gasoline and Zerolene, The Standard Oil Standard No 1 in middle background during a stop over in one of the tours to market aviation fuel.

Standard No 1

Standard No One in 1928 at the dedication of the Lompoc Airport in California.

Pure Oil Fokker Super Universal, NC761Y

Pure Oil Company Fokker Super Universal, NC761Y

Pure Oil Waco

Pure Oil Company Waco UKC NC 13897. They bought this craft in 1934. This plane has been restored by Greg Kuhn and is in Anoka, Minnesota

Pure Oil Bellanca

Pure Bellanca CH300 Pacemaker NC10017

Pure Bellanca 300W NC 12617

Pure Bellanca 300W NC 12617

Pure Pure Stinson SR - 7C Reliant NC 16113

Pure Pure Stinson SR - 7C Reliant NC 16113  

Pure Howard DGA - 8 NC 14873

Pure Howard 1936 DGA - 8 NC 14873. This aircraft   is  now owned by Les and Sparky Barnes Sargent of the  Howard Aircraft Foundation. They would like to communicate with anyone that knows the history of this aircraft

Pure Oil

Pure Pure Oil Company. This Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro advertising Pure Oil Company's Tiolene. Don't think that they actually owned this craft.

Gulf Oil Company

Gulf Oil Company Stinson Reliant Model SR-10F. It appears to be a tour with people viewing the craft. This craft was first issued in 1938 at a cost of  $18,000. Gulf purchased two of these craft.

Gulf Oil Beech Craft

Gulf Oil Company sold this Beechcraft D-18 to Tuboscope for 20000 dollars in 1946

Gulf Oil Company

Gulf Oil Company Grumman Goose. This plane was used in the Gulf of Mexico.

British American Oil

Grumman G21 Goose. Initally built for the US Navy in April 1944 and later transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force  Following the end of World War II it became a British American Oil Company LTD airplane. On the nose is British American Oil Company LTD with Canada below.

BA Goose

British American Oil Company Goose on on the ground. 

CF-BAO  Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar   late 1940's

British American American Oil Company CF-BAO Lockheed 18-56 Lodestar in the late 1940's

Learcraft Learstar (CF-BAO) British American Oil Company

British American Oil Company Learcraft Learstar (CF-BAO)   

Gulf Oil 1963

Picture of a Gulf Oil Company Plane in San Francisco in 1963. Don't know anything about it.

Aramco Flying Camel

The Aramco Flying Camel arriving in Dhahran Saudi Arabia in the 1952

1952 The Flying Camel, Aramco's DC-6B, arrives in Dhahran.

Aramco's Flying Camel DC-6B,   in Dhahran Saudi Arabia

Aramco Camel

Flight Attendant on The Aramco Flying Camel in Dhahran Saudi Arabia in the 1952

Aramco Ailrplane 1956

Aramco Ailrplane 1956

Arabian American Company  DC-3 and Dhahran Air Port in Saudi Arabia, late 1940's.

Aramco DC-3 at Dhahran Air Port in Saudi Arabia, late 1940's.

 1934 Aerial surveying begins.

Aerial Surveying Begins. in Saudi Arabia in 1934

TAP AirplaneTapline, DC-3 flies over the Tapline terminal at Sidon, Lebanon.

Trans Arabian Pipeline DC-3 flies over the Tapline terminal at Sidon, Lebanon in 1960

Caltex C47

Caltex Pacific Indonesia Airplane loading

Caltex Plane in Pekanbaru

Caltex Pacific Indonesia Airpland boarding passengers at Pekanbaru in 1952

Caltex Fokker F27 1981

Caltex Pacific Indonesia Fokker F27 Friendship landing at Jakarta Kemoyoran International Airport in 1979

Caltex Leased plane from Pelita

Caltex Pacific Indonesia contracted Pelita Air Servicce to supply an airplane for their use.

Texaco 13 Frank Hawks

A sleek racing plane was  built by the Travel Air Company of Wichita, Kansas. Because of the secrecy of the design it became known as Travel Air "Mystery Ship". Texaco purchased the fourth plane and named it Texaco 13

Texaco 13

The plane was painted Stearman vermilion and white, with a blue stripe separating the red and white. Hawks set many records with this plane.

Texaco Original Paint

This was the original paint job on Texaco 13. Shortly after getting the craft Frank Hawks hit some wires and crashed. The ship was repaired and repainted as above.

Texaco 13 in Chicago

Texaco 13 now resides at the The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. Frank Monroe Hawks was in charge of Texaco Avation where he set flying record. He was dubbed the "Fastest Man Alive"

Texaco 14

Texaco 14

Texaco 15

Texaco 15


Northrop built a Gamma 2A for Frank Hawks to replace the Texaco 13.  The new aircraft was the first of the Gamma series and was specially designed for Hawks. It was initially named Texaco 11.

Texaco Hawks

Texaco changed the name to Sky Chief after Hawks was named a chief of the Sioux Nation. The Texaco Sky Chief was adopted as the name for Texaco's premium gasoline.

Texaco 1930

Texaco Lockheed Vega Air Express being serviced CA 1930.

Texaco 5

Texaco bought the Lockheed Vega Air Express in 1929 after Texaco One crashed in December 1928 at Floresville, Florida

Texaco Frank Hawks

This airplane was purchased from Lockheed Aircraft Co. of Burbank, California on January 25, 1929 for $18,040. It is a Lockheed Air Express. Frank Hawks flew this craft round trip from New York to Los Angeles in 36 hours and 48 minutes and 48 seconds on 27-29 June 1929. It flew about 90,000 miles before being lost in an accident in West Palm Beach, Florida in January of 1930.  

Texaco sold it to Noble Drilling

Texaco sold this plane to Noble Drilling

Standard Oil Company Uinta Basin, Vernal, Utah

Standard Oil of California men standing beside airplane. Can't tell what kind of plane, but it was big to carry 12 people, Could be their DC 2. Uinta Basin, Vernal, Utah in 1951.

Standard Oil of California Boeing

Standard Oil of California Boeing Model 226

Standard Oil Calif Douglas DC 2

Standard Oil of California Douglas DC-2 NC14285

Standard Oil of California

This Standard Oil Company DC-2A-127 crashed in the Salt Lake, Utah on 06-October 1935. Crew got out of the plane but drowned.

Standard of California Bi Planes

Standard Oil of California

Calco S55

A Sikorsky S 55 landing on a helipad in the Gulf of Mexico for California Company.

Calco S62

A Sikorsky S 62 flying to a platform in the Gulf of Mexico for California Company.

Union Oil DC 3

Union Oil of California Douglas DC 3. This was their flagship.