Camps Legacy Companies
Texaco Camp Bemis Kansas

Texaco Camp in Bemis Field in Ellis County, Kansas in 1936

Gypsy Oil Company Seminole Oklahoma

Gypsy Oil Company in Seminole Oklahoma in the early 1930's. Gypsy Oil was formed by Gulf in 1907 to manage the Glenn Pool Field in Oklahoma.  

Pure Oil Camp Seminole Oklahoma

Pure Oil Company Camp in Seminole Oklahoma in the 1939's

Royalite Camp in Canada

Royalite Camp in Canada. This was a company that Gulf Oil purchased.

Chevron Rangely Camp Colorado 1980

Chevron Camp in Rangely Colorado in 1980. Chevron drilled the discovery well in the Weber Sand in 1931. When the unit was formed Chevron became the operator.

Pico Canyon Camp in 1907

A very early oil field camp in Pico Canyon in California. Standard of California would be created to handle the operaton.

Chevron Venice Camp

Chevron Camp Venice Louisiana just after Hurricane Camille came ashore on 17 August 1969.

Standard Oil California Colinga

Early Standard Oil of California Camp at Coalinga California

Texaco Camp

Texaco Pointe a Pierre Club main entrance in Trinidad

Texaco Camp House

Texaco Pointe a Pierre Staff House in Trinidad

Mene Grande Camp

Mene Grande Staff Housing at Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. Mene Grande was an affiliate of Gulf Oil Company.

Mene grande

Marge & Al Frothingham by their house in Mene Grande Camp in Lake Maracaibo Venezuela.

Richmond Exploration L.U. Gourley

L.U. Gourley by his house in the Richmond Exploration Camp. He was the Personnel Manager from 1946-48. He then transferred to Caltex in Indonesia. Richmond Exploration was owned by Standard Oil of California.

Aramco Camp in 1954

Aramco Camp in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in late 1954. Aramco was owned by Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, and Mobil.

Caltex Duri

Caltex Pacific Indonesia Duri Camp in Rial Province Sumatra, Indonesia. Dotty Steele, wife of Burkley Steele, and Betty Roses wife of Price Rose going to play golf

Awali Bahrain Caltex House

Caltex Awali Bahrain Company House.