Legacy Offices Legacy Companies
Pacific Coast Pacific Coast Oil Company in 1910 in Newhall, California. Standard Oil of California was formed to take over Pacific Coast Oil Company.
Texaco Texaco 1902. In March 1901 Joseph S. "Buckskin Joe" Cullinan and Arnold Schlaet formed Texas Fuel Company with 12 employees in three rooms in a corrugated iron building in Beaumont, Texas for the purchase and transfer of oil from the Spindletop Field. Texas Fuel Company was renamed the Texas Company in 7 April 1902.
Union Oil California Union Oil of California in Santa Paula, California. The company was founded on October 17, 1890, when it was incorporated as the Union Oil Company of California. The company was formed by the merger of co-founders Lyman Stewart, Thomas Bard, and Wallace Hardison's holdings. Union Oil moved its headquarters to Los Angeles, in 1901. The original headquarters in Santa Paula is a California Historical Landmark.
Gulf Oil Building in Houston

Commissioned by Jesse H. Jones, the Gulf Building opened in 1929. Upon its completion, the building was the tallest west of the Mississippi. Wednesday's designation isn't the first such recognition for the building. It's also a City of Houston Historic Landmark and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, and it's listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
The building remained the tallest in Houston until the early 1960s.


Standard Oil of California Standard Oil of California on Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles. The building was built in 1927
Gulf Tower Pittsburg Gulf Building.The structure was designed by the firm of Trowbridge & Livingston and completed in 1932. Now called Gulf Tower, it has 44 floors and rises 177.4 m (582 ft) above Downtown Pittsburgh at 707 Grant Street
Gulf Office Port Arthur, Texas Gulf Oil Refinery office building, on west Seventh Street at Gulf Docks. Port Arthur, Texas.
Texaco New Orleans Texaco Building on Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana
Gulf Building New Orleans Gulf Building on Elk Place in New Orleans in 1953
California Company 1953 California Company at 1111 Tulane Avenue New Orleans. This was a company that belong to Standard Oil of California. This picture was taken in 1953 which explains why the Offshore Lounge is not visable.
Gulf Oil Philadelphia 1950  Gulf Oil Company Office Building City Line Avenue Philadelphia Pa
Union Oil Company Research Brea, California Union Oil of California Research in Brea, California in 1965
Texaco Building in Los Angeles Texaco Building in Los Angeles was built in 1927. Texaco moved from Wilshire Boulevard in 1985 to this building.
Union Oil of California Union Oil Center Building built in 1958 on Beaudry Avenue in Los Angeles. It later bacame a movie studio.
Union Oil of California Los Angeles Union Oil Building from the corner of Seventh Street and Hope Street 1940 LA
Chevron Bush Street Chevron's 225 Bush Street Building in San Francisco.  California. It is 25 stories tall. It was the tallest building in the city from its completion in 1922 to 1925.  This building was the Corporate headquarters for Standard Oil of California for over a half century.  Composed of two buildings, the old wing was built in the 1920s. The new wing was built in the 1950s. Chevron relocated to San Ramon,  California.
Chevron San Ramon Chevron Corporation Headquarters in San Ramon, California
Galena -Signal Oil Company Building Galena-Signal Oil Company was form in 1865 and was sold to Standard Oil in 1878 After the break up of the Rockefeller empire in 1911 it became an independent. In 1931 Valvoline took over the company.
Gulf East Toledo 1937 Gulf Oil Company Office in East Toledo 1937
Gypsy Oil Building Gypsy Oil Building in Tulsa Oklahoma. Today the office is a Coffee Shop. Gypsy Oil was formed by Gulf in 1907 to manage the Glenn Pool Field in Oklahoma.
Union Oil of California Building in San Francisco Union Oil of California Building in San Francisco
Kansas City Country Club Plaza 5 Skelly Bldg Kansas City Country Club Plaza 5 Skelly Building. Skelly was obtained by Getty and in 1984 by Texaco.
Standard Oil of California Bakersfield Standard Oil of California Bakersfield office.
Texaco Refinery Texaco Port Arthur Refinery Office in 1907
Standard Oil of California RichmondRefinery Office Standard Oil of California Richmond Refinery Office
Mene Grande Office Caracus Mene Grande Office Caracus. Mene Grande Oil was a company  owned by Gulf Oil to do business in Venezulea.
Mene Grande Oil Company Mene Grande Oil Company before 1940. 
Union Building in Los Angles opened in April, 1958 Union Building in Los Angles opened in April, 1958
Aramco Camp Aramco office for geologists in Saudi Arabia. Some buildings were better than others. Notice the air conditioning. Aramco was a partnership of Chevron, Texaco, Exxon, and Mobil.
Ninian Central Some of our offices took a little bit of travelling to get to work. Ninian Central in the North Sea. Operated by Chevron
Standard Oil Company complex in Coalinga, 1907 Standard Oil Company complex in Coalinga, 1907
Caltex Pacific Indonesia Rumbai Main office for Caltex Pacific Indonesia in Rumbai in 1973. Caltex was the owner of this company which was a 50-50 partnership with Chevron and Texaco.
Bahrain Petroleum Company Awali Bahrain Bahrain Petroleum Company Awali Bahrain. Caltex was the owner of this company which was a 50-50 partnership with Chevron and Texaco.
Banoco Bahrain Field Operation Awali after the Bahrain Government assumed 100% ownership of the Awali Field.
Chevron was supplying people on loan to Bahrain National Oil Company.
Ninian House in Aberdeen Ninian House in Aberdeen Scotland. Chevron operated the Ninian Field from here.
Chevron New Orleans Chevron's main office in New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina.
Kewanee Oil Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma Kewanee Oil Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kewanee was initially the Enterprise Transit Company which was mainly in oil transport, but later expanded into exploration production and refining. The company was named the Kewanee Oil and Gas Company in November 1908 in the town of Kewanee, Illinois. Kewanee Oil Company was purchased by Gulf Oil in 1956.
Skelly Building Tulsa Oklahoma Skelly Building Tulsa Oklahoma Skelly was obtained by Getty in when Tidewater Associate Oil was added to the Getty Company.
Union Oil of California This was the office for those that worked in supplying gasoline to airports.
Union Tanker Some of our offices were at sea delivering products across the world. This is the Union Oil of California Tanker Montebello in Los Angeles in 1930. In the background is a Standard Oil of California tanker and a US Navy Cruiser.
Texaco Tank Truck Many of our offices were on wheels like this Mack truck which distributed the gasoline to various outlets.
Drilling A lot of us got in cars and drove to rigs scattered out all over the country like this man at Chevron Mills Ranch Field that set a depth record in 1975 of 24482 ft.
Exploration For many geologist this was their office. Exploration geologist probably walked farther to the office than most of us.
Pipeliners You have to mention pipeliners when you talk about walking. They spent a lot of time outside walking and laying pipe.
Texaco Station Our service station were the office to a lot of people. Looks like quiet a meeting at this Texaco station.
Pure Oil Airplane Our aircraft was the office for many pilots. Can't forget about all the mechanics, controllers, and others that kept them flying.