Service Stations Legacy Companies
Red Crown Station

Red Crown Station in California. International Harvester Caravan publising their trucks.

Dome Oil Company station ca 1920. Dome Oil merged with Pinal Oil Company ca 1911 to form the Pinal Dome Oil Company. The company was bought by Union Oil ca. July 1917. The truck is a Garford ca 1918 the car is probably a Model T Ford.

Associated Oil

 Associated merged with Tidewater Oil to become Tidewater Associated Oil Company Associated's trademark, flying wings attached to a letter "A" for Associated, became the new company's logo

Associated Gas Station Refueling and Airplane


Associated Station with a 1941 Ford or Mecury in the driveway

In 1931 Texaco bought the Indian Refining Company, acquiring rights to the Havoline brand name

Early Stations were people like this that installed a pump and became a service station or filling station. This Texaco Station is Circa 1920

Union Oil in Maple Valley California

This Union Oil Station in Mapel Valley California is another example of the little stations that sprang up as autos became popular.

Union Oil Utika

Union Oil Stations in Itica NY

Texaco Bulk Distrubtion in the 1920's

Gulf Station

Gulf Oil Station in the 1920's

Union of California

Union Oil of California Station. The Company flag is flying from the flag pole in front of the station

Texaco Station in Seattle Washington in 1920's. This was a Capet Station before Texaco bought it in 1928

Caltex Japan 1947

A Caltex Station in Japan in 1947

Getty Oil in Wisconsin in 1941

A Getty Oil pump in front of Richartz-Beilfus Implement Company Meonomie, Wisconsin in 1942

Gulf Station

Customers in the 1930's at a Gulf Station having a cold soda pop while the Gulf attendants service and fill their cars.

Gulf First Station

Gulf Oil built the first service station in the world designed as a drive in station. It opened on 1 December 1913 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Gulf Station 1921

A Gulf Station 15 December 1921 at 4225 N. Broad Street in  Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

Chevron Station in 1920's

Lady in a Stutz Bear Cat getting gasoline at a Standard Oil Station.

Pure Oil

Pure Oil Station in Memphis, Tennessee in 1935. Pure Oil was bought by Union of California in 1965.


Standard Oil of California bought a small New Jersey oil refiner and marketing company shortly after WWII and renamed it the California Oil Company. The gasoline brand became known as Calso in the northeastern US. In 1958 all Calso stations were changed over to Chevron stations.

Paragon oil Later Texacon

Paragon Oil Company was formed in New York City early in the twentieth century. They mainly distributed fuel oil in the northeastern United States. In 1959 Texaco purchased the company

Polly Station

Poly Gas dates back to the late 1910 or early 1920's and became part of Wilshire Oil of Los Angles around the time of the depression. Wilshire became part of Gulf Oil in 1957.

British American Petrouleum

A British American Petroleum Station in Ontario. Gulf owned BA and ultimately removed the BA and branded the station Gulf Oil

Royalite British American

British American Oil Company purchased Royalite Oil Company Limited. By 1964 Gulf Oil owned 96% of the shares.

Indian Oil Texaco

Indian Head Sandwich Shop and Filling Station 1941 Spooner, Wisconsin. Texaco 

Mohawk Station Trree

A Mohawk Station in a Red Wood Tree in Ukiah California. Mohawk was the logo for Tidewater. Getty bought Tidewater in 1956 and Texaco bought Getty in 1984.

Good Gulf

A Good Gulf Station. As I recall all gasoline attendants wore this type cap.

Texaco started buying McColl Frontenac Oil Ltd in Canada in 1936 and by 1940 controlled the board. This station still has the old name and the Texaco Logo

Union Oil 1915

Union Oil Station in 1915 at Olympic National Park in Washington State.

Skelly Station

An early Skelly Station. Skelly was obtained by Getty when Tidewater Associate Oil was added to the Getty Company.

Skelly Station

Another Skelly Station

Union Oil of California in Nevada

Union Oil of California Station in Nevada.

Union Station 1936

A Union Station in the early days along Highway 101 in California


A Texaco Station getting a delivery of gasoline. The truck in an old International Harvester.

Union Oil of California

Union Oil of California Station in Portland, Oregon in 1955

Union Oil of California Bulk Distributor

Union of California Bulk Plant in 1961

Pure Oil Company

Pure Oil Company near Chicago, Illinois.

Regent Oil in UK

Regent Oil Company of UK. Texaco merged its UK operations with Trinidad Leaseholding Corporation in 1947 to form Regent Oil  Ltd. Texaco them transferred its interest to Caltex.

Chevron WW II

Woman servicing a 1937 Ford at a Chevron Station during World War II

Gulf Station in 1937

Gulf Oil Staton in 1937

Pure Oil Racer

Pure Oil Company sponsered race car driver Giles Hanson 29 August 1932

Red Crown Washington State

A Red Crown Station in Spokane Washington in the 1920's

Gulf Sweden 1950

Gulf Oil Station in Sweden in 1950

Gulf Station in Lake NewbergNYWeb

Gulf Oil Company Station in Lake Newburg, New York


Chevron Station in Syracuse, New York in September 1971


Chevron Calso Station in New Haven, Connecticut


Calso AA Garage

Caltex France

A curb side Caltex pump in France.

Chevron Nevada

Chevron Station in Wendover, Nevada on the Utah stateline.


This is actually a service station.  Texaco bought California Petroleum Corporation in 1928 giving them stations in all 48 states.

Calpet Attendats

Calpet Stations were a little different, but all stations had some gimmic to sell gas. Here in 1922 women were used to pump gas.

Calpet Lube

The attendants were well dressed. See another picture

Station with Many Pumps

In the early days some Stations would pump many brands as shown here. I can recognize Polly, Signal and Standard.

Chevron Unocal

A Chevron and a Unocal Station at El Toro Rd & Valencia, Laguna Woods, California, circa 1965

Chevron Station in California

A Chevron attendant servicing a roadster at Adams & Vermont, in Los Angeles, 1928

Union Station 1936

A Union of California Station in 1936

Union Station San Luis Obispo

A Union of California Station in San Luis Obispo, California in 1962

Gulf Oil Tulsa, Oklahoma

Gulf White Star Station in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Built in 1924 at 2nd Street and Elgin.

Chevron Arizona

A Chevron Station in Phoenix Arizona in the 1950's

Getty Oil Station

Getty Flying A station with women working as attendants. Must be World War II. The car is a 1939 Chevy Coupe.

Texaco Lube Rack in 1924. People would gather here to visit while the car was being serviced.

Jacque Mercer Miss America Union Oil Station

Jacque Mercer Miss America 1948 at a Union Oil Station. Beautiful Cadillac with a beutiful girl.

Union Oil Attendant

Union Oil Attendant assisting a customer with directions.

UniomWilshire Boulevard and Serrano Avenue in Koreatown

Union Station at Wilshire Boulevard and Serrano Avenue in Koreatown

Union Oil

Union Oil of California with a girl on a Ford Speedster

Calso Wisdom, Montana, April 1942

Calso Station in Wisdom, Montana, April 1942. Picture from Library of Congress

Chevron Truck Stop

Early Standard Oil of California Truck Stop

Getty Oskaloosa, Kansas 1922 Tydol

Tydol Station in Oskaloosa, Kansas 1922 Getty Oil   

Gulf Oil Station

Gulf Oil Kane's Super Service

Pollly North Hollywood Gas Station Gulf Oil Company

Wilshire Polly Station in North Hollywood.  Gulf Oil Company

Chevron 1920′s Dodge truck at a Standard Oil station in California

Standard of California Station in the 1920′s. A Dodge truck in driveway

Arnold Krabbe's Texaco Service Station, circa 1930s

Texaco Station July 1940 in Benton Harbor, Michigan

Texaco Filling Station. Man is putting gas in what could be a Model A. Tires dont look like Ford.

TexacoNorthCarolina Country General Store Texaco Gas

Standard Oil of California took over the marketing outlets of Signal Oil and Gas 8 August 1947. Signal kept the drilling and production. The brand name was used until the sale to Humble Oil Company in 1965.

Gulf Oil Station. Looks like the1930's based on the cars.

Chevron Oil Station. Probably in California in the 1960's.

Pure Oil Station with a Dragster. Clay's Service Station

Getty Oil Service Station back when there was service.

Signal Oil Company. Nice 1957 Chevy.

Chevron and Union Oil of California in Escondido, Californa. Probably in the 1960"s

A Crown Station. Probably Standard Oil of California

Chevron Station with a Dragster

Monroe Road Pure Oil Station Charolette North Carolina

1930s Boutwells Texaco

Gulf Oil Station being built in 1930s.

Gulf Oil Company Station

Texaco Brick's in New York

Standard Oil of California