World War II Tankers Legacy Company
Union Oil of California

Union Oil of California Tanker Montebello taken circa 1930 in Los Angeles. The ship in the background is the Socal Tanker El Segunda.

The Japanese I 21 sank her off the coast of Cambria, California on December 23, 1941. The Japanese sub machine gunned the life boats, but did not hit anyone. No life lost occurred.

Union Oil of California Tanker Gurney E. Newlin

Gurney E. Newlin  Union Oil of California was hit by a torpedoed from the German U 436 on 27 Oct, 1942, later the German U606 sank her. 31 crew and 13 US Navy Armed Guard rescued by the Canadian Bic Island were killed when on 29 Oct, 1942 German U 224 sank her. 6 crew and 6 US Navy Armed Guard were rescued by HMCS Alberni.

Texaco Tanker Australia

Texaco Tanker Australia 16 Mar, 1942, the unescorted, unarmed and zigzagging Australia (Master Martin Ader) was spotted by U-332 off the Diamond Shoals Light Buoy. 4 dead and 36 survivors Port Arthur (10 Mar) - New Haven, Connecticut 

Texaco Tanker Florida

Texaco Tanker Florida on 28 May 1943 was hit by a torpedo from U154 east of Fortaleza, Brazil. No loss of life. All aboard were rescued 

Texaco Tanker Louisiana

Texaco Tanker Louisiana on 17 Aug, 1942, the unescorted Louisiana (Joel A. Swanson) was hit by one of three torpedoes fired by U-108.eight officers, 33 crewmen and eight armed guards perished

Texaco Tanker Ohio

Texaco Tanker Ohio was the largest and fastest tanker at the time. After much wrangling the British Govenment confiscated her at Bowling-on-the-Clyde. She was damaged and later scuttled by German Aircraft while trying ot supply the Island of Malta.

Texaco Tanker Oklahoma Sinking

Texaco Tanker Oklahoma sank from a torpedo from the German U 123 on 8 April, 1942 about 10 miles off St. Simon´s Island, Georgia. She sank in very shallow waters and was towed to Chester, Pennsylvania, repaired and returned to sea by December 1942. Loss of 19 crew.

Texaco Tanker Oklahoma

Texaco Tanker Oklahoma on 28 Mar, 1945, was hit by one torpedo from German U 532 between South Ameica and Africa enroute form San Nicholas, Aruba to Dakar, French West Africa. Loss of 36 crew and 14 US Navy Armed Guard.

H.M. Storey no Picture

Standard Oil Company tanker H.M. Storey escaped an attack by the Japanesse I 21 off Point Arguello, some 55 miles north of Santa Barbara.  May 18th, 1943, off the New Hebrides the Japanese I 19 sank her on a trip from Noumea to Los Angeles.  Loss of 3 Crew.

Socal Tanker WS Rheem

Standard Oil of California Tanker W. S. Rheem. She was torpedoed by the Japanese I 20  August 31,1943 about .10 miles north of  Bougainville Strait. She made it to port. No loss of life.

Socal Tanker W.S. Rheem

Standard Oil of California Tanker W. S. Rheem. She was torpedoed on 31 August 1943 in the Pacific. No loss of life.

Socal Tanker H D Collier

Socal Tanker H D Collier was torpedoed and shelled  by the Japanese I 26 and sank in the Indian-Red Sea on 13 March 1944. Lost Crew 45 and  12 US Navy Armed Guard.

Standard of California Tanker HD Collier

Socal Tanker H D Collier

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Penn

Gulf Oil Tanker Penn On May 13, 1942, was hit by a torpedo from the German U-boat U-506 in the Gulf of Mexico. Out of the thirty-eight crew members, twenty-six made it into lifeboats. One crew member died in lifeboat before being rescued by the Honduran vessel Telde

Gulf Tanker Trade

Gulf Tanker Trade was  Torpedo and Sunk 3 miles off Barnegat Light off Eastcoast USA on 10 March 1942. Loss Crew 18. The Captain was later killed when his ship the Gulfland collided with the Gulfbelle

Gulf Oil Company Tankde Gulfoil

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Gulf Oil sank by by two torpedos from U 506 on 17 May 1942 about 75 miles southwest of the Mississippi River Delta. Lost 17 Crew and 4 US Navy Armed Guard.

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Gulfstate

Gulf State sank 3 April 1943 by by 2 torpedos from German U155 about 50 miles southeast of Marathon Key, Florida Lost 34 Crew and 9 Navy Armed Guard

Gulf Oil Company Gulfprince

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Gulfprince on 13 May, 1942 was damaged  by German U507 off Ship Shoals Sea Buoy. No loss of life.

Gulfprince was damaged by German U 371 off Bougie, Algeria 10 Jul, 1943 Loss 1 US Navy Armed Guard, Badly damaged and was converted to mobile storehouse in North Africa.

Gulf Oil Company Gulfbelle

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Gulfbelle  was damaged by one torpedo from German U 126 on 3 July 1942 about 21 miles north of Tobago.  Loss 3 Crew. Towed to Mobile Alabama and was back in service by July 1943.

Gulf Oil Company Gulfbelle

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Gulfbelle. Damaged collision 21 October 1942. Loss Crew 31 and 20 Navy Armed Guard

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Dawn

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Gulf Dawn. Found reference to it being sank but can not verify much else. Indications that the US government took it over and renamed it.

No Picture Found

Gulf Oil Company Tanker Gulfwave was torpedoed by Japanese I 10 on 1 March 1932 in the New Hebrides Pacific. She sailed to Suva, Fiji for repairs. No loss of life. suffers no casualties

Gulf Oil Company Gulf America

Gulfamerica was sank by one torpedo and surface gunfire from German U 123 about five miles off Jacksonville, Florida on 10 April 1942.  Five men killed when the torpedo hit or from machine gun fire. An additional 14 men drowned when they jumped into the sea. A total loss 17 crew and 2 US Navy Armed Guard.