Things We Saw

While Working for Chevron

 Brownie Target Six-20 1946

A container for Safety Matches.

 McDonald's in 1955


Burger King started in 1953 as Insta Burger King in Jacksonville, Fla.

Burger Chef started in 1954 in Indianapolis, IN. Now Hardee's.

Royal Typewriter Model FP  1961


 Viewmaster  1950

S & H Green Stamps 1961

Philco Predicta UG-47 44  1960

Family enjoying their Wide Screen Television Set

Bendix G-15 Computer 1956

Speakers at a Drive In Theater

Drive in Theater. Many of us grew up here

Zenith Cobra-Matic Record Changer 1950

45 RPM Record Player Portable
Sylvania Blue Dot Flash Bulbs 1965

SwansonTV Dinners 1959. Next came the TV Trays so you could eat and watch TV.

3 D Glasses in 1956. That was a strange experience.

Before Legos we had Erector Sets. Learned a lot playing with them

Los Angeles at 436 a.m., on April 18, 1953. A bomb test in Nevada 300 miles away.

Atomic Bomb Shelter in 1957. This was antother project that needed more thinking.

Duck N Cover.

I did not really believe that a desk would protect me from a Hydrogen bomb

Hoola Hoop 1959. Never really undestood why we like this.

Wringer Washer. Much better than twisting by hand

Vitalis 1965. Not a Little Dab Will Do.

Transistor Radio

Electric Toaster 1943

Milk Delivery to the house. This stopped in Lubbock Texas in 1949

The horse was replaced with this  type milk delivery.  It also went the way of the horse. They were still delivering milk to houses in Aberdeen Scotland in 1986. They have probably stopped there also.

Cash Register. This thing really made noise. Kind of like a Marchand Calculator.

Mr Charlie. Ocean Drilling & Exploration Company known as ODECO took delivery in New Orleans 15 June 1954 of the first offshore movible rig. The first well drilled was off the mouth of the Mississippi for Shell Oil in June 1954.

Seismic worker placing GeoPhones in place. This is one area in the Oil Patch that has really change.

Laying the Big Inch Pipeline from Texas to New Jersey in 1942. German UBoats were sinking ship in the Gulf of Mexico and off the Alantic Seabord.

Bet you a dollar to a hole in a rolling donut that you could not get that throught our Congress and White House today.

Berlin Air Lift to feed Berlin after the Soviet Blockade in 1948. Thirty one Americans lost their lives suppling the German people with food, fuel and other necessities.

Bell & Howell 256 8mm Projector 1963

Sony Video Rover DV-2400 Portapack  1967

Las Vegas Nevada. This place has really changed.

Al Moana Hotel at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii 1945

Royal Hawaiian and Al Moana Hotel CA 1950. This was the only hotels on the beach. I first saw this area in 1953 as a young Marine, not much better, but now it is really jam packed with ways to part you from your money.

New Orleans Police still use animals as police. Go to Mardi Gras and whatch how they use horses.

Ma and Pa Kettle

JohnnyWeissmutller Esther Williams beside what I think is a 1941 Pontiac

Looks like driving and talking is not as new as some think. Loretta Young may have been ignoring the law. if there was a law.

Kitchen December 1943

Had to put the Duke in here. JohnWayne and John Bradley filming Sands of Iwo Jima. Cant remember how many times I heard a SGT yell "BUCKLE THAT CHIN STRAP, YOUR NOT JOHN WAYNE"

The King as a Private in the US Army

The Mavricks Brothers. Bret and Bart Maverick and their English cousin, Beau.

Dairy Queen. First soft ice cream.

Grocery  Store. Doesn't look like Safeway today

Ben Franklin in Winter Park, FL in 1944. Samuel Moore Walton started by running a Ben Franklin Store.

Post Slide Rule with Case. Many young engineers had one of these strapped to their belt while in college.

Thought that the Cushman was up todate transportation. They were uses for delivery of various things.

Remember the Tucker 48? The Tucker 48 was an advanced automobile conceived by Preston Tucker and briefly produced in Chicago in 1948. Only 51 cars were made before the company folded on March 3, 1949, due to negative publicity initiated by the news media, a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation and a heavily publicized stock fraud trial

Two beauties,  Rita Hayworth and a 1941 Lincoln Continental

Spruce Goose was really made out of birch. In 1942 the United States contacted Henry Kaiser a shipbuilder, to build a new airplane to carry troops across the Atlantic Ocean. Kaiser asked plane designer Howard Hughes to help. I think that it is still stored in Long Beach, California

Selling Ethanol in Nebraska in 1935. Henry Ford planned to use ethanol in his first car but switched ot gasoline because it was cheaper. The youngsters will tell you that their generation thought up the idea.

Horse meat sold during World War II. It became legal to eat instead of pork and beef because of rationing.

Saw a lot of this type advertisment during WW II. Another was Loose Lips Sink Ships