Pictures for January 2012

Work We Did

P & M Big Brutus

Big Brutus is a 160-foot tall coal shovel. Designed and built by Bucyrus-Erie for the Pittsburg & Midway (P&M) Coal Mining Company, the 1850-B is the only one of its kind ever built and is recognized as an engineering accomplishment. Big Brutus, built near Hallowell in Cherokee County, Kansas at a cost of $6 million. It took 150 railroad cars to bring all the parts.

Pittsburg & Midway Coal Mining Co was purchased in October 1963 by Gulf Oil. In 2007 Chevron merged this company with Molycorp to become Chevron Mining

Chevron Rangely Gas Plant

Chevron Gas Plant at Rangely Colorado. This picture was taken 22 December 1969 with a  Tower "Snappy" box camera and 620 film by Ken Bailey. He grew up as a teenager in Rangely, Colorado, home of Chevron's Rangely Weber Sand Unit oilfield.

See more pictures taken by Ken Bailey in the Rangely Field

Pacific Western Oil Company

Pacific Western Oil Field in the California Tidelands in September 1945. Pacific Western Oil Corporation was incorporated as a holding company for Edward L. Doherty and family in 1928.  J. Paul Getty would obtain controling interest in 1936.

Glenn Pool Field in Oklahoma

Drilling for Gypsy Oil in the Glenn Pool Field in southwest Tulsa County, Oklahoma.  Gypsy Oil was formed by Gulf in 1907 to manage the Glenn Pool Field in Oklahoma. Gulf layed an 8 inch line to their refinery in Port Arthur, Texas to process this oil.

Trans Arabian PipelineTAP in 1950

Trans Arabian Pipeline construction  began in 1947 and was completed in 1950.  It was a 30"  and 31" line from Qaisumah Saudi Arabia running 753.5 miles to Sidon, Lebanon. The 314.7 miles of pipe line which extends east and south from Qaisumah to one of the world's largest producing oil fields belong to Aramco. After years of constant bickering between Saudi Arabia and Syria and Lebanon over transit fees, the emergence of the supertankers, and pipeline failures, the section of the line beyond Jordan ceased operation in 1976. Between Saudi Arabia and Jordan pumped modest amounts of petroleum until 1990 when the Saudis cut off the pipeline in response to Jordan's support of Iraq during the First Gulf War.

Texaco Rig in Louisian

Texaco Rig in Houma, Louisiana

Union Oil of California

Portable steam engine Union Oil Company used on their wells in the Santa Paula oil district of the Ventura Basin.

Union Oil Delivery Santa Ana

Union Oil Truck Delivering Products to a construction site in Santa Ana, California

Union of California

Union Oil of California station. Ford Speedster

Gulf Oil Mess Hall Crane Texas

Gulf Oil Mess Hall Crane Texas

unocal Battle Gas Plang

Unocal Battle Gas Processing Plant near Santa Maria, California built in 1937. It was abandoned in 1995. Another plant was built at Lomboc to replace it.

Standard Oil Company complex in Coalinga, 1907

Standard Oil Company Complex in Coalinga, California in 1907

Pacific Western Oil co. boilers at the Kettleman Hills Oil Field, ca.1931

Pacific Western Oil Company Boilers at the Kettleman Hills Oil Field, ca.1931

Oil Dinner in Dog House 1951 Calif

Oil Workers having Lunch in a Dog House 1951 California

Offshore Company Rig 52 drilling well A for Gulf Oil Company in 1960

Offshore Company Rig 52 Drilling For Gulf Oil Company in 1960

GulfRoyalite #4 - The well that started the oil boom in Turner Valley, Alberta (1924)

Royalite #4 - Hooking up the well that started the oil boom in Turner Valley, Alberta Canada in 1924.

Rotary Crew

Gulf Oil Rotary Crew Going to Work. Must be going to work, they look clean.

Cy Woodruff and crew in the oil fields of southern California in 1922. Working for Standard oil

Cy Woodruff and crew Drilling a Well for Standard Oil of California in Southern California in 1922.

Chevron Service Barge Tacoma Yacht Club on this July day in 1924

Standard Oil of California Service Barge at the Tacoma Yacht Club July 1924

ChevronEl Segundo Central-Tool-Room-1935

Standard Oil of California El Segundo Refinery Central Tool Room in 1935

Chicago Carbon Company

Chicago Carbon Company. This company was originally owned by Union Oil of California. Chevron merged it, Pittsburg & Midlands Coal Company and MolyCorp and renamed the company Chevron Mining in 2007.

Kern River 1899 hauling oil

Kern River 1899 Hauling Oil to Market with a Team of Mules.

Water Delivery

Oil was selling for 8 to 10 cents a barrel from the early Bakersville Wells while water transported to Bakersville would sell fo $1.25 a barrel. Hopefully, it was not in the same barrels that left the field with oil.

  Kettleman Hills Oil Field, ca1930 Socal

Kettleman Hills Oil Field, ca1930 Standard Oil of California

Louisiana Field Crew Quarters

Texaco Field Crew Quarters in  Louisiana. Crews are waithing for boats to take them to the field.

Louisiana Field Offfice

Texaco Office and Living Quarters in Louisiana

Molycorp Minerals open pit Mountain Pass Mine in Mountain Pass, California

Molycorp Minerals open pit Mountain Pass Mine in Mountain Pass, California

waterwagon water sold  $1.25bbl, whereas crude oil was selling in Bakersfield for just 8 to 10 cents a barrel

Texaco Camp in the Bemis Oil Field - 1936 Ellis County, Kansas